Jim Hoft: It’s time for all truth seekers to rise up against the censorship, bullying and cult-like insanity of the tech giants

(Natural News) Earlier this week, a number of prominent conservatives and entrepreneurs participated in the Social Media Neutrality Panel at the Newseum in Washington D.C. to discuss everything from the current tech climate to social media bias. Among the people in attendance were Pamela Geller of The Geller Report, Margaret Howell of Rightside Broadcasting, Oleg Atbashian from The People’s Cube, tech entrepreneur Marlene Jaeckel, and Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit.

For those that are unaware, Jim Hoft is the founder and Editor of The Gateway Pundit, a conservative website that has grown from two readers a day when it was founded in 2004 to over a million page views each day. It is an enormously successful website, and has played an integral role in exposing the radical left and their agenda.

During the event, Hoft discussed how tech giants like Google and Facebook continue to suppress the site and limit the spread of content, even though Columbia Journalism Review and Harvard ranked The Gateway Pundit as the “fourth most influential” news website throughout the 2016 presidential election.

As an example of this sort of anti-conservative censorship, Hoft talked about how a recent article written by Cassandra Fairbanks about Black Lives Matter targeting the Super Bowl was flagged by Facebook on the grounds that the story was “fake news.” As a result, the report was essentially removed from their platform. However, since then, it has been widely documented that Black Lives Matter did in fact target the Super Bowl and shut down multiple rail lines, meaning that the original report was right on the money. These so-called Facebook “fact checkers” decided to block the report simply because it didn’t fit their liberal agenda.

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