New Course: Cisco CCNP Collaboration (300-815 CLACCM)

SPOTO trainer Lalo Nunez teaches intermediate training in 200-videos. This training covers the knowledge network administrators require to provide collaboration solutions for a Cisco network. He has advanced proficiency with the protocols, elements, and elements of the CUCM.
This Cisco Collaboration training is now available.
Cisco's collaboration networks, telephony and VoIP are known for their heavy lifting. However, not everything about a Cisco mobile network or IP phone is easy to use. Cisco phone networks require advanced technical knowledge and hands-on experience.
The CLACCM is an essential step for administrators who manage networks that rely upon Cisco to connect phones and mobile devices.
This training covers topics like troubleshooting and managing SIP protocol elements, maintaining IP phone connectivity with reliable gateways, configuring all elements in the Cisco Unified Border Elements dial plan, and configuring all of them.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Call Hold, PRACK, Early Media
Mid-call Signaling & Session Timers
H.323 Protocol Element
Cisco Unified CME SIP Phone Registration
Cisco Unified CME dial plans
Implement Toll Fraud Prevention
Cisco Unified CME features
Cisco Unified CME Paging & SRST
Cisco Dial Peers
Voice Translation Rules and Profiles
Voice Gateway DTMF/Codecs
Troubleshoot DTMF
Voice Translation Rules
Inbound Dial Peers
Outbound Dial Peers
Options for dial peer configuration
SIP profiles, media bindings, and signaling
Partitions and calling search spaces
Translation Patterns and Transforms
Call Routing Concepts
Route Patterns, Route Groups, and Route Lists
Translations and Transformation Patterns
SIP Trunks
Analyzing and Collecting RTMT Traces
Additional CUCM Call Routing Techniques & Troubleshooting Tools
Call Admission Control or the Intercluster Lookup Service
Hunt Pilots and Call Pickup groups
Call Park, Conferencing, and Time of Day
Reach a Single Number
Mobility Options for CUCM

This training covers the following topics:
Troubleshooting and managing H.323 and SIP protocol elements
IP phone connectivity to reliable gateways
Configuring all elements in the Cisco Unified Border Ellement dial plan
Optimizing call routing by utilizing transformation patterns and routes
Navigating Mobility Options in Cisco's Unified Communications Manager

This training includes:
27 hours of training
200 videos

Cisco Collaboration skills available now!
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