Here’s Why Tarte Is Getting Dragged Over Their Much-Hyped Foundation

The internet is not happy with Tarte Cosmetics‘ latest launch—and for good reason.

Earlier this month, the beauty brand teased a caption on its Instagram and Twitter pages reading, “Are you ready to shape what your momma gave ya in 2018?” Superfans predicted this spelled the release of a Shape Tape Foundation to complement the brand’s beloved Shape Tape Concealer. (One sells every 20 seconds.)

On January 12, Tarte confirmed the hunch, showing a new foundation range in 14 shades. That’s when the excitement turned to rage.

Swatches of the shades show an almost laughable lack of diversity: most of the foundations are tailored to lighter complexions, including porcelain, fair beige and light sand shades—many of which seem indiscernible from each other—and a grand total of only three, janky AF darker shades.

As one Twitter user pointed out: “Not even the model used [in the photo] has a matching shade!”

In a post-Fenty world, it’s utterly inexcusable for a huge beauty brand to release a product to their consumers that demonstrates such a blatant lack of inclusivity. And the Twitter community was quick to call them out.

While others took to Instagram to share their total disappointment, using the hashtag #dobetter

Before this blunder, Tarte was a well-loved brand for many reasons, including their cruely-free ethos and vegan-friendly formulas that also happened to be high performing.

As for us, we’ll be taking our hard-earned beauty bucks where WOC are represented and celebrated.


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