All the Street Style Stars in London Are Doing *This* to Their Denim

Remember when your mom would buy your pants too long because she knew you would “grow into them?” Inevitably that meant a bulky cuff at the end of your jeans that totally ruined your otherwise rad first-day-of-Grade-5 lewk.

Well, here’s some news: the cuff is back—but this time, it’s nothing to groan about. From wide and flat folds to scrunchy rolls, it seems like every London Fashion Week street style star is cuffing her denim, and we’re totally loving it.

Taking your jeans up a couple of inches or more makes them work with pretty much any shoe, boot or sneaker, while also accentuating the volume of this season’s roomier and wide-leg styles—not to mention, making them easier to walk aroud in.

Don’t believe us yet? Take a scroll through our gallery of the chicest women outside the shows at London Fashion Week and then try and tell us you don’t want to give your pant legs a few rolls…


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